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The tokenomic of Srcful

Welcome to the Tokenomics section of the Srcful documentation! Here, we will explore the fundamental principles behind our token economy and how it supports our goal of creating a more sustainable energy system.

Tokenomics is the study of how tokens are created, distributed, and utilized within a particular ecosystem. At its core, it's about designing a token economy that provides the right incentives for all stakeholders, from founders and participators to developers and partners.

In this section, we will dwelve into the specifics of the SRC token and its distribution, as well as the various incentives we offer to encourage participation and contribution to the decentralized energy grid. Inspired by Helium Srcful use the burning mechanism, which reduces the total supply of tokens, as well as our future Proof-of-Source and Proof-of-Control systems, which reward DER owners for their green energy contributions.

Overall, this section will provide a deep dive into the economics of the Srcful platform and how our token economy supports our mission to create a more sustainable and equitable energy system. So come along and join us as we explore the inner workings of the Srcful tokenomics!