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Srcful Documentation

Participate in shaping the future of energy with Srcful​

What is Srcful?​

Srcful primarily exists to accelerate and facilitate the expansion of renewable energy sources. Srcful aims to build the world’s largest virtual power plant (VPP). We build the VPP by connecting Decentralized Energy Resources (DERs), such as solar plants and battery storage, into a decentralized network.

Our mission: Accelerate solar power.

How does it work?​

By connecting your solar inverter or battery to our Energy Gateway, you will be rewarded for your verified green energy production. In a later stage, you will also be rewarded for letting us control your solar plant or battery to participate in different energy services, such as helping stabilize the energy grid.

Our documentation covers everything from the Srcful Energy Gateway to Tokenomics and other important resources. It also contains the Srcful Whitepaper, which comprehensively details the foundational principles, technological architecture, and strategic vision of Srcful.

We are committed to sustainability and ensuring that our users have a seamless experience, which is why we put a heavy emphasis on maintaining our documentation.

Join us in exploring the exciting possibilities of a smart, decentralized energy grid with Srcful.

Getting started: Srcful Simplified​

If you're new to Srcful, we recommend beginning your journey at the Srcful Simplified page. This section is designed to provide newcomers with an introduction to Srcful.

Explore the Energy Gateway​

Navigate through our Gateway Documentation to unravel a wealth of information about the features of our Energy Gateway.

The Energy Gateway Solaris Batch (beta usage) is available to buy in RAKwireless store

Support and Community​

Join our vibrant community on Discord, where you can connect with fellow users, share insights, and get your questions answered by the Srcful Team. Whether you're seeking assistance, exploring new ideas, or just want to be part of the conversation, our Discord channel is the go-to space for real-time engagement.

All questions are welcomed, and our community is here to support you on your journey with Srcful.

Srcful Discord

Collaborations and partnerships​

Our ambition is to lead the development of the world's largest decentralized virtual power plant. By integrating solar panels and home batteries, our aim is to facilitate real-time data monitoring and control, thereby transforming energy management on a global scale.

Do you have services that suit our members?​

We invite you to contact us at to arrange a meeting. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss potential collaboration and how we can collectively advance toward our shared objectives. Read more at