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In this section of the documentation, you will find the Srcful Roadmap, a comprehensive overview of our current development initiatives and future plans. This roadmap is designed to give you a clear insight into the projects we are actively working on for the near future, as well as a preview of the strategic directions and innovations we envision for the longer term.

By sharing our roadmap, we aim to maintain transparency with our users and stakeholders, ensuring that you stay informed about the developments we have on the horizon.

Currently on the roadmap

Smart Control

  • Stop solar production at negative electricity prices.
  • Energy Arbitrage functionality for home batteries.

Demand Response

  • Initially focusing on the Nordic region, we're working on integrating FCR-D features, helping to stabilize the grid during disturbances.

Future plans

Guarantee of Origin

  • Transparent, tamper-proof method for tracking the origin of your energy, ensuring that your green energy is verified and securely stored on the blockchain.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Energy Trading

  • Enables you to directly buy and sell excess energy to and from other users in a decentralized network, optimizing your energy usage and costs, while promoting a community-based energy ecosystem.