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Setup Guide: Energy Gateway


Getting started

  1. Connect the Energy Gateway to the internet using an Ethernet cable, and power it on by connecting the power cable.

  2. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the Energy Gateway to start up and fetch the latest firmware.

  3. If you wish to use Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet, you can remove the Ethernet cable at this point.

Pairing over Bluetooth

  • Be sure to be within close range of your Energy Gateway to pair over Bluetooth.

  • iPhones cannot be used for this process as of right now.

  • You must have a Solana Wallet and a browser plugin (PC/Mac/Linux) like Phantom or Solflare or an app like Phantom or Solflare (Android) to be able to link your Wallet.

  1. Visit to start pairing your Energy Gateway.
  1. Start by clicking the "Select Wallet" button to link your Solana Wallet.

  1. Connect your Solana Wallet.

  1. Start the pairing process by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting "Onboard New Gateway".

  1. Finish the pairing process by selecting your Energy Gateway in the Bluetooth menu that pops up in your browser.


  • To find your inverter's IP address, please refer to your router admin page.

  • For other information regarding your inverter, please refer to the inverter documentation.

  1. Start by selecting your Wi-Fi network in the dropdown menu, and enter your password, and click Submit. You will see it's IP Address when it has successfully connected:

  1. Enter your Solana Wallet-Address, and click Submit:

  1. Enter your Inverter information and click Submit:


  1. Go to the location tab in the side menu.

  1. Set your location by entering your coordinates or click on the map, then press Sign change.

  1. Your Energy Gateway should now be visible in the Srcful Explorer


  • Should you lose connection to your Energy Gateway during the configuration process, you must refresh your browser window, and sometimes restart your Bluetooth.
  • If you experience issues with several failed attempts or dropped connection, disconnect any other bluetooth devices that are paired to your computer or Android phone, then try again.